Skills That Make a Great Online School Teacher


In the past year, becoming a good online school teacher has been a new challenge for all educators. Students across the globe are now dependent on an online teacher for their education. When you’re setting up an online school for students then you should consider the points below. Read on to discover all the skills you need to become a great online school teacher.

Online Teachers Will Need Tech Skills

Improving your tech skills is an inevitable part of becoming a great online school teacher. Without basic computer literacy, teaching online is impossible. For an online school to run smoothly, professionally, and effectively teachers must have adequate tech skills. As a teacher, you may need to help parents and students through technical issues too. An online teacher must learn to connect with students, present tasks and keep students engaged through digital media.

Digital learning is a new, valuable education method. This is why online teachers are taking advantage of helpful digital learning resources such as Clanbeat. The Clanbeat app aims to help students build positive learning habits through planning, setting goals and reflection. This gives them a clear focus and ownership of their education. This is especially useful when students are learning independently from home.

Learn to Teach Creativity

Inspiring students to be creative means that you must be experimental and think outside the box. When students are creative, this promotes student ownership and empowerment. Giving students choices allows them to be creative. You can also set students creative tasks such as art projects, group discussions, writing blogs or recording podcasts. Clanbeat provides the perfect platform for students to share and display their creative work with the rest of the classroom. When it comes to teaching creativity, don’t be afraid to combine digital and traditional learning resources.


Strong Communication Skills

Whether you’re teaching in a classroom or an online school, strong communication skills are vital. Good communication helps you build trust and develop a personal connection with students. With a lack of physical interaction, teaching online depends on good verbal and written communication skills.

It’s important that as an online teacher you’re easily accessible and available for your students. You must be able to respond to them quickly and check in on them regularly. Our app is designed with fast and easy communication in mind. Teachers enjoy using the check-in feature to keep in touch with students. Checking in regularly with students allows you to monitor their learning progress as well as their well-being.

They Are Encouraging Students

One of the main skills found in a great online teacher is their ability to encourage students. Encouraging students provides them with support, motivation and reassurance. It also promotes student ownership and engagement. These things are not only good for students well-being but they also motivate students to learn. When it comes to encouraging students then language is key.

Try to use encouraging language when directing students rather than setting demands. Provide plenty of positive feedback where it’s due and be excited for students when they reach personal goals. As an online school teacher, you must encourage students to participate, communicate and connect with each other too. The Clanbeat app provides a safe and secure place where students can connect and collaborate.

They Are Adaptable In Most Situations

The teaching environment can be unpredictable and that’s why teachers must have an adaptable attitude. This is particularly true when it comes to being an online teacher. Suddenly you find yourself away from the classroom and facing the challenges of digital learning.

Having an adaptable attitude means you’ll become less stressed in the challenging circumstances of an online school. You’ll be more flexible too when it comes to adapting to the needs of individual students and parents. Having an adaptable attitude is vital when it comes to embracing digital teaching technology.


They Teach with Passion

Passion is what separates the good teachers from the best teachers. It’s a special kind of contagious energy that inspires students and motivates them to learn. This energy is so powerful that it can even seep through a computer screen. Being a passionate online teacher will engage your students and bring lessons to life.

Share your passions with enthusiasm and encourage students to become curious about finding their passions in life. When you’re passionate it’s much easier to be innovative and creative with your lessons. As a passionate teacher, you naturally become a life-long learner which inspires students to become life-long learners too.

At Clanbeat we believe that it’s important for students to become life long, planners, strategists and learners. Our app has been developed by educational professionals and encourages students to become actively involved in their education. This makes it a great tool to use in the classroom or as an online teacher. It’s safe, secure and free to try. Download the Clanbeat app today.

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