Benefits of Reflecting

It has been said that we learn not only from the experience but by reflecting on it. It is the act of reflecting that leads to change.

It’s generally accepted that there are 2 main types of reflection. (Grant, Franklin, & Langford, 2002).

Problem or solution-focused approach where people constructively reflect on how best to reach their goals.
Self-focused reflections are where individuals attempt to understand, contain or dissipate their negative emotional, cognitive and behavioral reactions. These type of reflections work best when you first have an understanding of emotions.

Most people use both but will favour one above the other.

In our video below we share the range of sometimes surprising benefits to reflecting.

How to carry out a reflection:

  • Schedule a time to reflect and stick to it.
  • Decide if you want to use Clanbeat App or Pen and paper and have them ready.
  • Regardless of type of reflection you can start simply by asking “How” and / or “Why” – ask without Judgment from the place of a change maker or your “Why” will only serve to apportion blame and stunt growth.
    • “How did come to that decision..”
    • “Why are you feeling like this…”
    • “How did that impact the result..”
    • “Why did I choose that…”

It will help you and your students to process your learning, make connections, and set next steps in a safe, low-stakes way.

Reflection exercise

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