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Leading a team is never easy,

but regular 1-on-1s give you the framework, consistency and an easy overview to succeed.

With Clanbeat you'll give your team the right kind of support and recognition they need to rise to the height of their responsibilities.

With Clanbeat a manager can:

Have 1-on-1s

Regular 1-on-1s give the necessary framework, consistency and an easy overview to successfully lead your team, while maintaining the personal touch in people management. It’s like a mini performance review that will help you work much better together, build trust and keep focus.

Generate questions

Generate one on one meeting questions for employees with a simple click. Clanbeat will help you setting up talking points that support employee's personal development and aid manager in discovering small problems before they become bigger ones.

Get & give feedback

Constructive feedback and recognition for achievements are crucial to keep a team running at a high speed with a feeling of empowerment. Feedback is also important for a manager to know how to improve and grow to be a better team lead.

Track goals

Development needs consistency. Guide your employees’ growth by helping them find motivating and meaningful goals so they can achieve their best at work. During every 1-on-1, you’ll tune into the progress and work out ways for removing barriers.

Be up to date

Employees are not work-machines. Always know what’s going on by checking your team’s daily feed. There they share the highs and lows of their day, their achievements and challenges. Pick them up at your next 1-on-1 to improve your team’s workflow and increase engagement.