Connecting classrooms: Clanbeat & Google Classroom


Clanbeat’s planner just levelled up!

Now, with just a few clicks, you can connect your Google Classroom account to your Clanbeat group.

Our integration allows students to view and add to tasks set in Google Classrooms, but also use Clanbeat’s features to assign a mood, difficulty level and ask questions in their group. What’s more, the integration makes it even easier for students to reflect on any work set, helping reinforce healthy learning habits.

Inspired by feedback from our Clanbeat community, connecting Google Classrooms encourages greater collaboration between students in a safe and secure place. Educators can also quickly gauge how students are feeling and ultimately progressing with their workload.


What happens when you connect Google Classrooms?

  • Students can view their tasks set in Google Classroom in their Clanbeat planner. All tasks from up to one month before the connection are synced automatically.
  • Students can add difficulty levels, moods and labels in their Clanbeat’s planner. Students can also pose questions regarding any task to their group using Clanbeat’s Q&A feed.
  • Any moods added to a task will be gathered, averaged and displayed on the teacher’s dashboard to help teachers better understand how students are feeling.
  • Students can receive reminders for upcoming due dates.

How can I connect my accounts?

Teachers only need to enable the feature at their group preferences and share the two step instructions with their students to get started.


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