Clanbeat responds to teachers’ concerns

for student well-being with an empowering learning solution


Grateful and excited

We are excited to announce the launch of an innovative learning technology solution in response to teachers’ growing concerns for student well-being.

Co-created with teachers and students, the app enables educators to cultivate a deeper connection with students via a safe, secure and structured platform. Clanbeat’s app allows teachers to quickly and precisely hone in on students’ well-being, utilise relevant data to support student’s individual development journeys and together strengthen the foundations for lifelong, self-directed learning.

At the forefront of the education evolution, Clanbeat’s solution is reinforced by leading education psychologists and is already launching across multiple schools in Estonia, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

With the app now being available to all, Clanbeat is currently giving individual teachers and their student groups free access to the app to help throughout the pandemic, when signing up by the end of October.

"Too many schools around the world juggle between the reality of survival mode and the goal of creating a holistic and personalised growth environment for each student to thrive. It is not easy — or perhaps not even humanly possible — to see all the underlying currents that affect students learning — especially now.”“With Clanbeat, we make students’ well-being and development visible and spare teachers’ time for direct interaction with their students. Those who maintain connection and focus on strengthening their students’ as self-directed learners are the winners in the long run — our team is here to help with this mission."

– Kadri Tuisk, Founder and CEO of Clanbeat.

Some background statistics

Here are some of the indicators that have lead us to the creation of Clanbeat.

From OECD PISA 2018 Results, average across OECD countries:

  • Every 5th student feels like an outsider in school (or left out of things).
  • Every 3rd student disagrees that their life has clear meaning or purpose.
  • Every 3rd student disagrees that their belief in themselves gets them through hard times.

From Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children 2017/18 International Report, the average across Europe and Canada:

  • 1 in 4 adolescents report feeling nervous, feeling irritable or having difficulties getting to sleep every week.
  • 44% of adolescents don’t report high levels of support from their teachers.
  • 3 in 4 adolescents don’t report liking schools a lot.

"Our vision at ISH is to empower and inspire one another to take thoughtful action while having an inclusive, challenging and engaged environment with student autonomy — Clanbeat supports our students and school staff on this journey."

– Kathleen Naglee, Head of the International School of Helsinki

Why Clanbeat? You may ask

We empower students to own their learning. Students are the core actors in Clanbeat. They are the ones who will be able to manage their daily tasks, reflect on their learnings, plan their new actions, share their ideas, ask for help. Teacher’s role is to create the supportive environment.

We help teachers to save time and plan smart action. Clanbeat creates insights for targeted early interventions based on students’ activity and input. It helps to automatically kickstart many student activities which can be trusted to technology. Teachers’ time will be released for what really needs teachers’ attention.

How to start using Clanbeat

The app is recommended for homeroom teachers in particular with student groups aged 12 and above with a minimum of basic command of English. Can be set up in 2 minutes and is free for individual groups.

Get started today: HERE