Track highs and lows, reflect on the go, self care and share!

Bring everyone together to the same virtual space, where there are no ads and is separate from everyone’s personal social platforms.

Know who needs dedicated emotional support with well-being insights – save time and directly support those who are in need.

Clanbeat is a unique app tailored to nurture meaningful connections, personal well-being and development.

What you will get

  • Keep your own social platforms private
  • Leave your work behind in the evenings
  • Focus on those in need with well-being flags and insights
  • Regular data reports
  • Easy information sharing with posts and messaging
  • Access to helpful materials for educator self-care
  • Complimentary access to three Clanbeat Nests* – safe and social peer learning communities

What your members will get

  • Share highs and lows
  • Reflect on the go
  • Daily or weekly well-being check ins
  • Discover common interests
  • Share plans
  • Communication space for group projects
  • Share posts, send direct messages

* Clanbeat Nests are lead by experts in the field. We will launch new nests starting in January 2022. The topics will include: diversity in education, MYP Programmes, educator self-care and more.

What does it take to get started

A call to map out your needs.

Receive your personalised offer.

We set-up the account together and do all the training needed.

We onboard your group together.

Get started today 👇

Sheena Clanbeat

If you have a quick question and prefer email, feel free to get in touch directly

Sheena McGonigle
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