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To save you time let’s schedule a twenty minute call to discuss the fit, pricing and best practises involved, when creating a new Clanbeat community.


What you need to know

When creating a new Clanbeat account

  • Identifying your ‘why’ for using Clanbeat
  • Commitment to meaningfully engaging your group members in virtual space
  • Identification and support of key habits to be followed consistently by the group members
  • Commitment to monitoring group data insights and taking action based on it

  • Using Clanbeat requires Internet connection
  • To log-in, a phone number or a Google / Microsoft account is needed
  • The best user experience complete with notifications is available on smartphones and tablets; however, there is also fully functional version of Clanbeat on the web for computer-based use.
  • For younger students, parental agreement may be necessary to download Clanbeat application to their smartphones or tablets.
  • If your school requires details about our Data Privacy, please refer them to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] for any additional information.

Across platform community learning tool Clanbeat

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