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Emotions are complex but are a very useful indicator of how different situations or people make us feel, so we can know…


This week we are looking at Noticing our thoughts. Why? Simply because what we think affects so much of our lives. By…

3 GOOD THINGS clanbeat

3 Good Things

The 3 Good Things reflection habit helps to strengthen our positive outlook and weaken our negative outlook on life.

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Halcyon London International School
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E-Estonia Digital Discussion: Clanbeat for students’ growth and wellbeing
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Kadri Tuisk, founder of Clanbeat: Estonia’s EdTech experiences could help the world cope better with the second wave of coronavirus
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Tallinn-based Clanbeat snaps up over €1 million to develop personalised learning tool for schools and workplaces
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Digital education firms speed up innovation
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Personalised learning with service design thinking
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