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Take advantage of Clanbeat’s virtual education environment to facilitate learning, encourage self-reflection, maintain organisation, and ultimately help students fulfil their academic potential.

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Why Clanbeat Is The Answer To All Your Classroom Questions

Enhances student learning

  • Get the level of support you need, quickly and easily.
  • Share all your achievements with your peers or teacher through chat or by sharing pictures.
  • Gain valuable insight into your moods to improve your approach to schoolwork.
  • Take your learning to the next level by continuously refining skills like planning and reflecting among others.

The essential contemporary teaching tool

  • Use the chat feature to easily communicate with anyone in your group, offer personal feedback or send class-wide messages.
  • Facilitate healthier student habits, better meet their needs and benefit from more free time as a result.
  • Leverage actionable data on student moods and general well-being through the survey function to quickly pinpoint and address potential issues or risks.
  • Establish stronger relationships with students through a virtual safe space that fosters meaningful connections.

Connecting To Google Classroom Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

You can now connect Clanbeat to your Google Classroom in just a few easy steps. This integration gives your students access to a wealth of features that streamline their educational journey.

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The Benefits Of Integrating Clanbeat To Google Classroom

Students can easily:

  • View all tasks set in Google Classroom.
  • Collaborate with other students through discussions and information sharing.
  • Organise assignments with labels.
  • Express feelings on projects by assigning moods.
  • Set reminders about deadlines as they approach.
  • Receive answers about projects and topics from your teachers.
  • Reflect on completed assignments.

Teachers can easily:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how students are feeling about assignments.
  • Self-reported moods will be collected, averaged, and displayed on your dashboard.
  • Stimulate class teamwork thanks to Q&A and chat features.
  • Administer secure class discussions.
  • Incentivise greater engagement and self-reflection amongst students using reflection prompts.

Help Students Connect, Learn & Grow With Clanbeat

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