Who’s it for?

Teens ages 12-15


Virtual community on Clanbeat and Google Classroom


24 January to 18 February 2022


Live Learning Events Every Wednesday and Saturday

Be honest with us...

What would it feel like if you could really be yourself with other people your age?
What if you could trust other teens to accept you just the way you are?
What if there was a space where it was safe to explore your own feelings and beliefs with other international teens?
What if you had tools to help you better understand what you and your peers are feeling?
What if you had a place where you could ask all of those questions that seem too embarrassing or scary to say out loud?


Year 9 student and TBH co-designer

It is a safe space where students can get in contact with other students who are experiencing similar things or are going through similar stages of life. In this app you can join a group that is led by an educated adult who can prompt group conversations and give helpful resources or information based on the topic.

The idea is that it is a place where students can be honest and open about both their school and social experiences, with the support of other students who aren’t connected to their everyday life so that there is no pressure to lie. Since a lot of the time students’ social struggles can make them feel as if they are alone and nobody else is going through the same thing, having other students share similar experiences can make them feel less lonely.

The pressure to “fit in”

Navigating social life is one of the most important, and most challenging aspects of being a teenager. Whether in the hallways at school or online, teens often feel alone and different even when they have plenty of friends and hang out with the “popular” kids. The pressure to “fit in” and be like everyone else can be intense. The TBH Nest is one place where you can be yourself and learn the skills to connect with others, without the need to change who you are.

About Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston has worked with young people and their families in a variety of contexts over the past 20 years.

From running programs for at-risk boys in inner-city Chicago, to supporting orphans and their house parents as a social worker in Honduras, to leading in the push for holistic and wellbeing centered education in international schools around Europe, Daniel is passionate about building authentic human relationships and communities – families, schools, societies, organisations and institutions. – directed towards a more healthy and peaceful world.

Currently, Daniel counsels adolescents and parents in the Vaud area and offers a wide range of workshops and training for parents and schools.

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