Share insights

Share your ups and downs regarding work or personal life. It's like a big diary for the whole team. You can also post directly to your team lead privately.

Prep for 1-on-1

The daily insights will lead to monthly 1-on-1s with the team lead. To prepare for the 1-on-1, highlight the notes you intend to discuss. Add comments, if you wish.

Have a 1-on-1

Clanbeat makes 1-on-1s easy and effortless. It offers long term focus, aim and overview, yet puts the employee first. As a result, 1-on-1s grow trust and get to the core of issues.

Keep track of goals

For maximum benefit, 1-on-1s end with setting goals and reviewing previous ones. This encourages the employee to stay involved and keep on growing with the team.

Generate talking points

Whenever you need some extra inspiration about what to ask or talk about, turn to our talking point generation feature. Helps you keep the conversation going.