Share updates

What makes you happy or gets you down? What did you achieve or need to work on? Clanbeat is a team diary that keeps all the team members on the same page, including the team lead. PS. Don’t miss out on your team’s updates – we’re Slack integrated!

Prep for a 1-on-1

But the entries are not there just for the giggles. They give weight and meaning to your monthly 1-on-1s. Make notes on what you wish to discuss, and reflect on how you can help your team member get better.

Have the 1-on-1

Now we are getting to the core of things! Structured conversations can help team members and their leaders to foresee and fix an amplitude of issues. It’s the performance review both of you will look forward to.

Keep track of goals

Every 1-on-1 ends with reviewing and setting goals. After all, words are just warm air if they don’t lead to actions!